"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad." -Proverbs 12:25

"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad." -Proverbs 12:25
Midnight Blue (1963): Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell featuring Stanley Turrentine on tenor saxophone, Major Holley on double bass, Bill English on drums and Ray Barretto on conga. Midnight Blue is one of Burrell’s best-known works for Blue Note Records. In 2005, NPR included the album in its "Basic Jazz Library", describing it as "one of the great jazzy blues records".

He said, She said...

"You are not designed for everyone to like you - Wise Man Phil

FRAGILE: Sting, Yo Yo Ma, Dominic Miller & Chris Botti

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

"This picture is clear... You are who you surround yourself with. Believe it to be true."RH8 RT @ReeseClarett13

"The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray."  -Proverbs 12:26 

Surround: to enclose on all sides; encompass: "She was surrounded by reporters."

Let me begin by saying surround sound is awesome!  Not so long ago in order to get the full movie experience one needed to go to the movie theater.  Not anymore. With 60+ inch flat screen HDTV's,  media rooms decked out with AV equipment that rivals recording studios and surround sound (trust me, it really is awesome) becoming the " new normal " there is no reason to leave home to watch a movie anymore.  But as we think about the great advances of the current AV systems, imagine if you will, that our home theater surround sound proved unreliable.  Picture in your mind that from time to time only one speaker worked, maybe the volume had it's own mind and couldn't be controlled or the sound being piped in was from a different program.  In a word, our viewing experience would be "compromised".  The same holds true in our lives when we let poor relationships hi-jack the quality, and destiny, of our life.  In a word, our lives would become "compromised" (Proverbs 13:20). Who we allow in our life has the power to destroy it or develop it (Proverbs 18:24).  The choice is ours.  Smart people choose their friendships wisely. They often value great relationships and pursue being the person that they would want to be in a solid relationship with.  Proverbs 28:7 states; "Young people who obey the law are wise, those who seek out worthless companions bring shame to their parents."  I particularly like the words of Dr. Phil; "people either contribute or contaminate our lives." So true.  Finally, when you look in the rear view mirror that is your relationships and friendships, what do you see?  What do they say about you?  Are your friendships destroying you or are they aiding you; developing you, into becoming the person God has destined you to become?  Are you worthy of being called a friend? Who do you surround yourself with?  In the end, the people we choose to surround ourselves with has the potential to create an awesome soundtrack for our lives.  Awesome! (341)

sbb & rh8



Friday, September 21, 2012

140 Characters or Less. #365

Short: brief or concise; as in writing.

Twitter is here to stay!

I know, I know; your welcome for the news flash. My nickname is Captain Obvious. All kidding a side, social media is something this new generation was born with. They will never know a world where Facebook, Instagram and Twitter isn't present. I don't think this a bad thing but I do believe that this fact presents a challenge for us to connect with people in a world that is consuming their information at the speed of light. Going forward we have to be smart and keep our message
short, and concise, to capture just a few minutes of people's attention.

Below is an example of a "team effort" that is trying to do it's part to do just that.

Roy Hall 

Over the past three years Roy Hall, ex-OSU wide receiver standout and ex-Cincinnati Bengals starting wide out, and I have worked together on different projects and have become great friends.

Friends with a vision.

One of our visions is to write a book that will aid people in drawing closer to God one day at a time.

We're collaborating on it as we speak.

The book title is; "Growing Closer to God; 140 Characters or Less. #365."

Its our belief that people want to draw closer to God but often find it difficult or overwhelming to find a starting point. We believe it is simple. Accept God into your heart, and begin a new life that is centered around prayer and reading his word. An easy way to start reading his word is to read a chapter a day out of the book of Proverbs. There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs with the longest chapter being 31 verses. We also believe attending a church that preaches God's word and spending time with other believers in a small weekly group to be vital. Along with all this we observed that beginners, like long time Christians, find it helpful to read a daily devotional that fits the needs of their fast pace lives. We are not the first people to think of this. I know; news flash. 

Captain Obvious strikes again.

Our 365 daily devotional will use tweets that Roy has tweeted over the last 2-3 years along with a scripture verse, and a word of the day, all tied together with a daily devotional that is no longer than 300 words.      

That's it.


Finally, Roy and I would appreciate everyone's prayers for changed lives, small or large, because of our book. That would be the ultimate success in this endeavor.

Below is the first devotional: grow and enjoy!

Day #1

140 Characters or Less. #365

      (Tweet)   "Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I want to say thank you for my life. I love you more than anything. Amen!" #RH8

     (Scripture)  "Praise the Lord, all you nations. Praise him, all you people of the earth. For he loves us with unfailing love; the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever."  -Psalm 117:1-2    

(Word Definition)   Anything: Any thing whatever; something,  no matter what: Do you have anything for a toothache?

      (Daily Devotional)
In the God's word, the bible, there are 1189 chapters (920 old/260 new testament). There are roughly 31,173 verses in the bible. The middle verse in the bible is Psalm 118:8; "It is better to trust the Lord than put confidence in people." The middle chapter in the bible, Psalm 117:1-2, is today's scripture you just read commanding us to "praise" Him. It is also the shortest chapter in the bible.  In the end, in the center of God's word, he encourages us to "praise" him; the heart of his message guides us to trust him, trust him over everything else. Think about that for a moment. Finally,  If you could have "anything" what would you want? If could do "anything" what would you do? The word anything eliminate boundaries, obstacles and limitations. Pretty powerful stuff.  What's more powerful is our ability to do anything through Christ. He is our strength now and forevermore. And the good news is that all of our challenges, all of poor circumstances, anything and everything that comes across our path is under God's providential hand. All we have to do is trust him. All we need to do is praise him. Remember, God is concerned about us and He  loves us more than anything. He always has and He always will. Again,  pretty  powerful stuff.   (225)

sbb  & rh8

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Death & Taxes (Part 3)

Universal: of, pertaining to, or characteristic of all or the whole: universal experience. (2.)applicable everywhere or in all cases; general: a universal cure. (3.) affecting, concerning, or involving all.

Universal facts! 
(Read part 2?)

What is Your Purpose? 

Seeking your purpose in life is often a journey. And my journey started like most journeys; without any prediction, planning or perspective. Most journeys are wonderful that way. We don't notice small details, opportunities for growth and changing wind patterns until we find our self in the midst of something troubling and traumatic; tremendous and terrific.

Wonderfully, we don't get to choose our journeys. They often choose us. I believe the same holds true with our life purpose, our purpose often finds us before we find it.

And so it was, as my lonely walk down a dirt path began I was praying, and wondering aloud, what God's plan and purpose was for me. "What do you want me to do God", I prayed, and when I prayed that very prayer in the spring of 2010, kneeling in anticipation, longing for God to speak to my heart, he spoke.

And speak He did.

He said write.

At that very moment I was in the middle of discovering God's purpose for my life. It wasn't until years later that I realized what was taking place then. My purpose was being revealed to me and I didn't even know it. 

"It" found me before I (discovered) "it"

I know many of you reading this right now find it hard to believe that God would actually tell anyone to write or to do anything for that matter. And I'm sure you really don't believe that he spoke to me. I get it. And as many of you ponder my words I'm without little doubt that more than a few eyes are rolling.

Like I said. I get it.

But this is more than a story; it's the truth. Over and over I would hear in my silence the word write.  There was no audible voice pur se; it was just a continual wave of urges that wouldn't allow me to separate myself from the constant thought or internal nudging to write.

"What do you want me to write", I said impatiently. 

"I can't write a novel or book... I have no idea where to even begin."

"Just write", He said.

So write I did.

And did I ever write.

In the past two and half years I have written roughly 250,000 words and over 225 pieces on mybabyr0c.

I was (developing) my purpose, and again, I didn't even realize it.

In those early stages of development I touched upon everything from the great Jackie Robinson to the top ten Michael Jackson songs (the top 5 when he was black and the top 5 when he was white) of all-time. I researched, and wrote, about superheroes and the virtues they embody, and the reasons why men and children become angry. I shared with my readers that my son Ryan met Picasso at McDonald's and that another one of my boys, Bryce, never wet to bed when he was young because as he stated: "the pee stayed in his underwear.".

"I even wrote about LeBron James and Jim Tressel.
The writings were the beginning of a journey in which God enabled me to create mybabyr0c; a journey, and a journal, that God has used to create significant growth in my life, and out of that growth I've been encouraged beyond belief.
I hope I have encouraged others too a long the way.

During those early days of writing I realized that I love Lenny Kravitz and his talent more than I thought I did, and all the while growing in that realization that I will never be as cool, or good looking, as Lenny Kravitz. I also came to grasp the fact that I don't need to drink orange soda everyday and that I don't have to hate anyone under any circumstance just because they hate me, or because they have hurt me. 

I arrived at the conclusion that pure silence and quietness that can surround ones thoughts, dreams and hopes is the best sound that I have ever heard. I came to the understanding that silence isn't only golden, its purposeful and meaningful.

In the past almost three years since I began writing I have become intimately, and keenly, aware that my wife, and Sting, are greater than I first thought, and that having a family is a blessing; not a burden. I have also grown in the fact that inviting God into my daily activities each morning, and thanking him for being responsive to my plea at the end of each day, is the single best thing I can do each and every day.

Recognition is vital. I recognize that I'm more blessed to have my children as my children than they are to have me as their father, and that my parents are the smartest people I know. I have also become more conscious of the fact that I have more questions than I do answers and that all of my questions have one answer... the same answer... God, and that writing my thoughts down has better prepared me to discuss what I believe and why I believe it, all the while enabling me to fulfill God's command in 1 Peter 3:15-17:

15 " But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 16 keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. 17 For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. "

Realization is paramount. I've come to believe that James Taylor's song Fire & Rain and Celebrate Me Home by Kenny Loggins to be two of the best songs ever recorded and during my journey I have noticed that I'm not an expert on marriage, parenthood, friendship, love, on doing the right thing, character, the bible or anything, but that I'm only an expert on me and me only. 

I know me better than anyone else, except for God.

And I know if God can transform my life he can transform anyone's life.

This I do know.

My journey thus far has shown me that when God provides you with salvation, forgiveness and purpose you are free to be who he created you to become.

That is powerful.
My journey has lead me to my purpose and God was with me the entire way. I understand more clearly who I am and what I believe, and how the things that give me passion were given to me from God for a reason and with a purpose in mind. The passions given to me, when used properly, will fulfill God's purpose for my life all the while giving my life purpose.


His purpose for my life is to encourage others.

Through spoken and written word I am to encourage others. I am to do it in a way that is honest, sincere, authentic and transparent. Because of this I believe that I will write multiple books that will encourage, inspire and challenge others to grow in ways that they once thought impossible. The growth will not be because of any knowledge, wisdom or cleaver thought I entertain. The growth will occur in others life's, as well as mine, because I was obedient to God's will concerning my calling; my purpose.

And because of the fact that God has carried me through the discover and development stage I believe that he is repositioning me, as we speak, so my purpose can be (deployed) on a larger scale. God will be with me during this stage too. God has increased my contacts that will aid me in the process of writing a book(s) and speaking all over the world. I truly believe that I will talk to athletic programs, military institutions, churches and different groups of people in many different places with the walking papers to inspire and the mandated purpose to encourage. 

This I believe.

In the end, ask yourself; "what would you do if you could do anything?" Would you do it for free? Whatever the answer is to those questions will reveal to you where your passion lies.  Then ask God to direct your paths and provide purpose. Ask him to reveal to you how this passion can be used to glorify his name and further his kingdom, and his gospel. Can this passion be used for His purpose? What is his will for your life? 

Remember this and never forget these words; His will for your life is your purpose.

Discover God's will, develop your skill and begin to live your life on purpose, allowing yourself and your God-given talents to be deployed for His purpose. When you live life on this level you don't have to worry about passion. It (passion) will delivered to front door like the morning newspaper.

And though I mentioned earlier our purpose often finds us we still have an obligation to seek out our purpose and be open to what God puts in front of us. We play a vital role in identifying what our purpose is and we have to be diligent, focus and strategic on
discovering, developing and deploying our purpose.

We all have to remember those three words involve action. No one but you, with God's help and direction, can discover, develop and deploy your purpose in life.

Finally, allow me to share one thought, one challenge and one belief.

Thought. In the end, who we are fuels our perspective, what we believe gives our life meaning and our deep passions fuel our true purpose in life. When we get to the point that we can more than adequately answer those questions we immediately become of value to ourselves and everyone we come in contact with. That is powerful. 

Challenge. Take the time to reflect on these three questions and begin to seriously consider answering them. My advice: write a 500 word mission statement for each question, and develop an opening and a closing paragraph totaling 500 words. Thus, by doing so you will have completed a 2000 word document that will represent the "mission statement" for your life. Companies, churches and non-profits all have mission statements because they realize that a missions statement is really a "vision" statement. People move towards their most dominate thought and accomplish things they put into writing. A mission statement equals vision, vision equals value, value to yourself and to everyone you come in contact with. As you begin this process observe and seek out quality people that you would like to model and emulate some of their behaviors and personality traits. Also, quantify and qualify your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself. And finally, pray. Pray that God will reveal himself to you and that he will lead down the path of self-awareness and self-discovery. Begin to move your life from a rough draft to a blue print.

There are 1189 chapters in the Bible (929 old/260 new) and 31,173+ verses. The “middle” verse in God’s word is Psalms 118:8…it is better to trust the Lord than to put confidence in people.” The shortest chapter in the bible is Psalms 117…Praise the Lord all you nations, Praise him all you people of the earth. For He loves us with unfailing love; the faithfulness of the lord endures forever.” At the “heart” of God’s Word he tells us to “put our trust in Him” and at the very center of His Word He tells us “to praise Him.” No matter where we are in life just “Trust & Praise” Him. God has a specific plan for you and for me, Jeremiah 29:11 says so. It is a plan “for good and not disaster”. If we remember to give our “storms” and “our” life to God we will never be alone. God has always wanted to be, and he always will be, our refuge in life’s most difficult circumstances. He will be with us in our darkest hour. He will be with us in the “storm”

You can count on that; like death and taxes.

sbb 15.9.12

Friday, September 14, 2012

Death & Taxes (Part 2)

Universal: of, pertaining to, or characteristic of all or the whole: universal experience. (2.)applicable everywhere or in all cases; general: a universal cure. (3.) affecting, concerning, or involving all.

Universal facts! 

What do You Believe?

I think what is important to acknowledge immediately is that we all have a belief in something. That is a fact. We all have a belief concerning God; either we believe or we don't. Saints and sinners; atheists and apostles all have an opinion, and a "belief" concerning God. What we believe will shape the decisions and choices we make, it will determine how we raise our children. Our beliefs will separate us from certain people and it will draw us closer to others. And if we're fortunate, and blessed, our beliefs will will fuel our passion and deliver us to our greatest purpose.

Our beliefs will decide our future and they will cement our destiny.

In the last section you read a lot of sentences that began with; " I believe." I believe a lot of things. I believe that warm showers are more pleasurable than cold showers, that know one truly enjoys going to a funeral or to a little league soccer game, and, I also believe that most people are encouraged by a kind word over a hurtful tongue.

Are beliefs are part and parcel to who we are.

In the end, as you become more vocal on what you believe the more you open yourself up to criticism, poor behavior directed towards you and out right hatred spewed upon you. You will be marginalized, talked about and your beliefs will be trivialized. Bet on it, and bet on it often, if not always.
Below is a 500 word essay I wrote for "This I Believe". "This I Believe" is an international project engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. More than 90,000 of these essays, written by people from all walks of life, are archived on their website (mine being one of them), heard on public radio (The Bob Edwards Show), chronicled through their books, and featured in weekly podcasts. The project is based on the popular 1950s radio series of the same name hosted by Edward R. Murrow. I would encourage others to take the time and write an essay stating what you believe. It is my belief that you will grow from the experience.

This I Believe

Believe defined by Webster is "confidence in the truth or existence of something without absolute proof one is right in doing so" and with that definition I was reminded of one of our nation's greatest philosophers, Crash Davis, played by Kevin Costner in the movie Bull Durham. Crash stated confidently his belief in "the small of a woman's back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber and good scotch." He commented that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and that a constitutional amendment is needed outlawing AstroTurf. Crash also believed that opening presents on Christmas Eve was absurd and kisses should be "long, slow, deep, soft, wet" and "last for three days." 

Much of what Crash said I agreed with; who could argue AstroTurf being outlawed and that "long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days" aren't wonderful, especially when looking into the eyes of Susan Sarandon. Costner charmed us with his witty monologue and delivery but it was the simple fact his character believed in something that reflected thought that gave many reason to pause.

Stuart Chase, an American economist, commented; "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible."

I agree. What I believe is what I believe.

And what I believe is parents ruin youth sports, marijuana should remain illegal and term limits for elected officials are needed. I believe all should arrive in this country legally, learn English once here and register to vote. I believe Pee Wee Herman is a comedic genius that I wouldn't allow to babysit my children, uniforms should be mandatory in public schools and that Geoffrey Canada should win the Nobel Peace Prize. I believe our country is best served when Vice President Biden isn't heard, Vice President Cheney isn't seen and Vice President Gore isn't heard or seen. I believe coaches get too much of the blame when their team loses, too much of the praise when they win and too much money in both instances.

But with many beliefs it's my faith in God sending His only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for my sins that sustains me; because of this I have peace and eternal salvation. I believe in God's greatest commandment and commission to "love my enemy" and "to spread the gospel" and because of these beliefs I have no desire to politicize my faith. I also believe those around me are better served if I live out my faith in deed; not word, realizing my faith doesn't licenses me to judge a woman's right to choose or a man's desire to marry another man. What my faith does provide is the ability to agree to disagree without being disagreeable and the realization that you can never argue another one into believing what you believe. In the end, I do believe "You attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar" and that people would rather see a sermon than hear one. 
This I believe. 

... stop by again tomorrow as I will post part 3 of this 3 part series that will deal with the 3rd question; "what is your purpose?"

sbb 14.9.12


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Death & Taxes (Part 1)

Universal: of, pertaining to, or characteristic of all or the whole: universal experience. (2.)applicable everywhere or in all cases; general: a universal cure. (3.) affecting, concerning, or involving all.

Universal facts! 

Many of us have heard it said time-and-time again: “there are two things we can count on; death and taxes.”  I’ve always found it somewhat humorous that the sentenced is phrased; death and taxes. It had been my understanding for some time that the word “taxes” should come first in that phrase because you can’t pay taxes once you’re dead? How naive I was. The (G)overnment - Big G - will always get theirs. The “estate/inheritance tax” code and laws in this country are embarrassing.  I think it’s atrocious that I can work my entire life and be fortunate enough to leave something substantial in the form of money to my children only for the government to tax it in access of 35%, that number will be 55% in 2013.  Just a little IRS historical reference and sidebar, under President Bush the taxable amount was 45% after a $2 million allowable credit. Thank you President Bush. The “estate/inheritance tax” In 2010 was repealed by President Obama. He did however throw a bone to all that would have the misfortune of dying in 2012 allowing a credit of $5.12million before being taxed at the rate of 35%. In 2013 the allowable amount will be reduced to $1million with everything over that amount being taxed at the rate of 55%. Thank you President Obama. I know, I know, people that leave money to their children didn’t really earn that money, somebody else did. One last note, states can “piggyback” on the federal estate tax. I think it is important, and extremely humorous, to note that this tax is referred to as the death tax.

I’m going to stop here. 

The minute I start to talk about taxes my chest gets tight and my left eye starts to twitch. 

Chest is tight; left eye is twitching.

Again, I will stop here.

What I set out to speak upon was the ‘universality’ of certain things in life. I’ve often said we as community of human beings have much more in common than we do not. There are many things that would be considered
universal to every human being on earth; birth, joy and pain are just a few. Every person reading this was born to a mother and father.  As I mentioned, all of us have experienced joy, and we all have experienced pain. Each one us has dreams and aspirations, and even if we think we don't, we really do. Each and everyone us is currently experiencing a storm, just got out of a storm or one is on the way in our personal or professional lives, or both. We all have flaws and shortcomings, some peoples are more noticeable than others, but in the end we all have them.

And oh yea; death and taxes are
universal too.

I also believe that we all have a shared common trait in that each and every one of us was created by God for God.

We were created in His imagine. Scripture states in Genesis 1:27 this truth:
“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

Not only were we created by God, but were created with specific purposes in mind:

“He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.” –Ephesians 1:4-7

And though there are many other scriptures I could share supporting my beliefs about creation and purpose, and the fact that there are more universal truths than just taxes and death, such as, the sun rising in the east and it setting in the west, cats hating water and a child needing a parents love, I wanted to focus on three universal questions we should all ask ourselves at some point in our lifetime.

The three questions are;
who are you? What do you believe? What is your purpose?

My hope or intent isn’t to produce strong feelings of anxiety if one doesn’t know how to answer these questions.  Don’t panic…you are not alone, many don’t. What I think is more troubling than not having an answer for these questions is the fact that many people unwisely spend an entire life never entertaining or asking themselves these questions. Far too many people never find out who they are, what they believe and what their purpose in life is. I believe that to be sad. I believe many people live rough draft versions of what their lives could actually be. I should know I was one of those people for a better part of my adult life that didn’t know who he was, what he believed or what his purpose in life was. 

And if I did, for a short time, have answers to those three questions I didn’t have the courage, consistent behavior or commitment to live it out on a daily basis.

The good news is I know the answer to those questions now and just as important, I understand why it is so vital to know these things, and to live these truths, beliefs and purposes out on a daily basis.

Allow me to share.

                                      Who Are You?

Knowing who you are is important. Not knowing who you are can be disastrous. JC Watts, the once famous quarterback at the University of Oklahoma, and past US Congressman said; “that if you’re 99% sure of who you are you’re a 100% lost.” I met Mr. Watts in the St. Louis airport shortly after hearing that statement years ago on a segment on “Focus on the Family” and I went up to him and thanked him for those powerful, and truthful words. I added that I agreed with him, and that I suspect many of us are lost. He went on to thank me for my words of encouragement and agreed his words are an unfortunate truth. Steve Largent, the Hall of Fame wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, and a past US Representative, said some of the same words during his first term on Capitol Hill: “That if you don’t know who you are when you get here (Washington D.C.) that someone will own you by the day’s end.”

Knowing who you are is important.

I've come to the realization that I'm more than my past and future failures, and past and future success. It's important to note that the world would have you believe differently and will tell you that you are wrong. I believe the philosophy that Bill Parcells prescribes to in that you are what your record says you are. I believe that to be true in football, not in life.

My failures have all but destroyed me.

I was the reason for 100% of those failures.

The failures range from short term drug use, to stealing and cheating, to being highly promiscuous. I've failed in marriage twice; financially often. My success have been in the areas of earning a college degree and education (two completely different things), being a team captain and a four year member of Wittenberg's basketball team in the mid eighties and the fact that I've tried to honor my parents my entire life. I've had the privilege to be employed by three fortune 500 companies and FOX TV over the last twenty-six years of my professional career. I've been a number #1 sales rep in different years while at J & J and FOX TV. I have been successful at building strong relationships with my children, with some relationships being stronger than others, and I have been successful at developing strong and sincere friendships with different people, including my first wife, throughout my life.  I'm blessed to have some very wonderful friendship and best friends. But, with all of this being said, life to me is more than my success and failures. And though I proudly identify with, understand the importance of, and the recognize the responsibilities that go along with being the son of Jake and Chris Bailey, the brother to Meredith Bailey, the father to Logan, Austin, Bryce, Ryan, Addison and Reese Bailey, and the husband to Rhonda Bailey, I realize, and believe, that I'm more than a son, brother, father, friend and husband. I know this because God tells me so through his word. 

What does God's word say about who I am?

"So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith."
-Galatians 3:26

 "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." 
-Galatians 3:28 

 "If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise."
-Galatians 3:29

 "Because you are his sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father"
-Galatians 4:6  

"So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir."
-Galatians 4:7

God says I'm his son; not a slave. I'm a heir. All this because I choose to believe, believe that he sent his son to die on the cross for me.

Because I have faith

His word promises me eternal salvation and forgiveness from all my sins. All I have to do is believe and have faith in God, and who he says he is.

Its very simple. Its about faith.

My faith defines who I am. Nothing else does. No failure, success or human opinion defines me unless I give it life and allow it to.

I know who I am

I am who God says I am; I'm his child, I'm his son.

... stop by again tomorrow as I will post part 2 of this 3 part series that will deal with the 2nd question; "what do you believe?

sbb 13.9.12