"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad." -Proverbs 12:25

"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad." -Proverbs 12:25
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Words of Encouragment...

Encourage: to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence: His coach encouraged him throughout the marathonrace to keep on running.

Today I found a letter that was written to me in 1985 while I was attending Wittenberg University. I received the letter my sophomore year during our basketball teams run at a National Championship; our first of two runs while I was at Witt.

We made it to the "Elite Eight" that year.

The letter was written to me by a pastor from Kentucky. His name was L.D. Campbell.

L.D. Campbell
8453 U.S - P.O. BOX 546
Florence, Kentucky 41042-0546
PHONE 525-8227 

March 28, 1985 

Dear Shawn,

    You might not remember me, but I held the Revival at First Christian church last October. I got a grand article in the mail about a fellow named Shawn Bailey. It was great! I said; "I know this kid!"
    I'm so glad you are getting to play. Looks like you established yourself on the team.
    Shawn, your great attitude just oozes from the article. You keep that attitude and you will really go far. I'm convinced attitude is far greater than aptitude. The winning edge is all in the attitude! And you got it!
    I'm glad our paths have crossed and I got to know you - if only for a little while.
    John has invited me back to 1st Christian in '86 or '87. Do hope you will still be around. If your travels ever bring you to Cincinnati...come see me...would love to have you.
    Take care and may God bless you real good.

   L.D. Campbell

The reason I wanted to share the letter was to show the power of encouragement in the form of a letter. Mr. Campbell only met me one time, after a church service back in 1985, but yet he possessed the ability to take time out of his day to encourage a young kid in college. All it took was 160 words, a stamp, and thoughtful spirit. The act was selfless and powerful; and twenty five years later it still encourages me. It encourages me to continue to put a "high price tag" on my attitude and to continue with the understanding that people really do pay attention to what we "say" and what we "do". 

Our attitude is truly the one thing we can totally control.

As we move forward with full speed into a different era, an era that is fueled by the most technically advance forms of communication ever known to, text, facebook, and twitter, many of us (all of us) would do well to put "pen to pad' and encourage someone today. It might be our spouse, a girlfriend, (if you have the misfortune of having both...simultaneously...spouse & girlfriend...I would advise you not to put anything in writing) it might be a parent or a child; whoever it might be, it is undeniable the powerful effect our words, in the form of a letter, has on another human being. You never know, twenty five years from now someone could be sharing with another how much your letter meant to them.


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