"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad." -Proverbs 12:25

"Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad." -Proverbs 12:25
Midnight Blue (1963): Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell featuring Stanley Turrentine on tenor saxophone, Major Holley on double bass, Bill English on drums and Ray Barretto on conga. Midnight Blue is one of Burrell’s best-known works for Blue Note Records. In 2005, NPR included the album in its "Basic Jazz Library", describing it as "one of the great jazzy blues records".

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Monday, October 3, 2011

College GameDay

Penalty: a punishment imposed or incurred for a violation of law or rule. A disadvantage imposed upon one of the competitors or upon one side for infraction of the rules of a game, sport, etc.  

Dirty Laundry... 

Every Saturday in the Bailey home is a day full of excitement; a day full of anticipation, conversation and participation. The TV is turned on early and it's tuned to College GameDay on ESPN (channel 206 on DirectTV). 

In the Bailey household, every man, women, and child (that is a lot of people in our household) loves college football.

GameDay: Desmond, Fowler, Corso & Herby.

We love every sentimental story and the special guest picks; from Desmond's smile to checking out Herbstreit's fashion choice and "watching" Corso's GameDay pick. We as a family love everything that is College GameDay except for the fact ESPN will not be going to the University of Florida anytime soon because my beloved Gators aren't very good... or relevant.

Nice shoes: Gucci works every time.
Oh well. There's always Michigan. (My six year old son, Ryan, calls them "The Michigan's")

My motto is: Go Gators, Go Blue or Go Home!

Anyway, college game day had a little twist in our home this past weekend. We called an audible as they say. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of going to the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game at "The Shoe" with a friend, my father and my fifteen year old son, Bryce.

Bryce & Me at The Shoe!
Going to an OSU game is special and never gets old. The energy, the Skull Session, the people, the fanfare and the sea of red is unexplainable and at times over whelming. 

And then there is the band; truly the best in the country every year.

Great 1st impression: George Ferris & Me! 
(No he is not my son... some of you will get the joke, but he is part and parcel of what is good about about college sports.) 

Like I said, college football is special and so is "The Shoe."

Very special. 

But the one thing that I was reminded of this past weekend is why I stay home and enjoy watching it on my 60' flat screen TV.

And it's because of the fans. 

You know, the fan that has had too much to drink, too much to say and too much ignorance for any one person to have to endure for three hours on a Saturday afternoon.

That fan(s) sat right in front of my son and me this past Saturday, and we knew immediately that we were in for a long afternoon.

And a long afternoon it was, and by the middle of the third quarter I found myself in a fight with a college student half my age. Yes, that is what I said... "a fight."

I don't care to rehash everything that took place, but what I do remember is completely losing every fiber of my being and every little bit of a mind that I have when the guy started cursing at my son. At that very moment I lost it and grabbed the young man by his throat and said; "If you ever talk to my son like that again I will..." then he threw a punch that grazed my nose.

I never had a chance to finish my sentence. 

It was on.

In the end I chose to sit down and not embarrass myself any further.

I blew it. 

I knew better and I acted like I didn't know anything. 

It has been said that when you know better you do better. And because I believe in that truism I either forgot I knew better or I really didn't know any better to begin with. 

I like to think I knew better, and in the end, I might have known better but I acted like I didn't know anything.

Does anything I just said make any sense? 
I constantly tell my kids to avoid trouble and "not to make eye contact with animals" when in a hostile environment. But on this day I didn't take my own advice. I chose to become part of these guy's vortex of immature and poor behavior. I chose to be part of their conversation, only to open myself up to possible harm and for sure embarrassment. 

Proverbs 17:14

In the end, this unfortunate event has been on my mind and heavy on my heart for two long days. What I write and what I believe is very important to me, and when I had a chance, a golden opportunity, to put my belief(s) into practice I failed.

I failed miserably.

I have always said that knowledge is the knowing and the wisdom is the doing. I realized this past Saturday that I have much more knowledge than I do wisdom.

Anyone can learn equations and formulas; read the greatest literature ever written and know the Periodic Table of the Elements by heart (the only elements I ever knew was The Elements: Earth, Wind & Fire...Those guys were great), quote scriptures and memorize the books of the bible, but a wise person is a person who is able to apply what he or she has learned into their daily life through maturity, self discipline and self control.

I failed to do that.

Proverbs 17:14 states this:

"Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam;
so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out."

So there it is.

The ignorance wasn't only the fight itself, but starting (being a part of) a conversation that could lead to quarrel.

The penalty was on me this time, but it won't be the next time. After I apologized to the two young men (OK, drunk young men) I also apologized to my son, Bryce.

I realized that I was wrong. 

My son said repeatedly that it wasn't my fault, but that it wasn't a great idea to call them a douche-bag.

He has a point.

Bryce also added; "Dad, that guy didn't realize you were so strong and I didn't realize you were so quick."

Thanks Bryce for the kind words, but your Dad didn't realize he was so dumb.

Next time I want us both to realize, and experience, the beauty and the power of making a good and wise decision.

Next time.

But until then I think my new motto is; "Go Gators, Go Blue or STAY Home!"

sbb  3.10.11

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